“Henrietta has an ethereal yet earthy energy about her that makes her stand out from the crowd. She is an absolutely amazing and beautiful person, and coaching and healing are her true calling – it really feels like she was born for it. Just being in her presence makes you feel peaceful and SEEN. My healing session with her was powerful, calming and left me feeling at peace with myself and the world, yet enhanced my clarity of purpose. Very highly recommended.”
~ Shona Chakravarti, Sydney
"Having that mentor who you can check in with "in the moment" is life changing. Henrietta constantly is guiding my perspective and energy to one that better serves me in the moment. Flipping me out of the dark and instantly back into my light. Life would not be the same without her wisdom and guidance. Thank you for being a guiding light in my life, you have an incredible gift."
~ Kristin Jade Pensebene, Byron Bay
From when I first met Henrietta, I knew that I would love to work with her. Her grounding and soothing energy is not only nurturing but also extremely nourishing and supportive. These qualities would prove invaluable to me throughout my journey this year where she held a firm but loving coaching container for me to not only grow but also gain the strength I needed to show up fully in my life. Henrietta was a powerful and trusted coach and mentor to me during our time together, fast becoming an even more treasured friend that I continue to hold in high regard. I am very grateful, and recognise the many gifts and true insights that I gained from our time together. I couldn’t recommend Henrietta more highly to anyone who may consider working with her. Thank you, for being such a graceful and positive presence, inspiring me to go for more, and really step into the person I have become.
~Caitlin McKenzie, Edinburgh
“When I met Henrietta eight years ago I shared with her my dreaming and she was one of those few people who actually believed it was all possible. Whether she knew it at the time or not, her connection to heart space helped me believe in myself, which gave me power to battle on through adversity. It’s been a long road and I’ve stumbled more than once, so the chance to do a transformational retreat with Henrietta recently was another leap of faith for me. I felt I had some blockages and wasn’t exactly skipping along my path but my path and dreaming was not going away either. The space Henrietta held for me changed all that in very simple, subtle and profound ways. I feel transformed, not to something different but more like I’ve been transformed into who I am meant to be – my real self. This is not something Henrietta gave to me but rather something she helped me to remember. Henrietta’s coaching is a priceless gift I thank the heavens for. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to fly with angels and break the shackles of yesterday. Thank you so much Henrietta, keep sharing the magic..!”
~ Peter Corney, Mount Beauty
“Where do I start!? Henrietta is the most beautiful combination of connected-to-the-earth groundedness balanced with a healthy dose of the practical. She has the guts to offer new perspectives when I need them, and to just listen when that’s the right thing to do too. So. Highly. Recommended.”
~ Alicia Cook, Sydney
“Henrietta is an angelic goddess, embodied and intent upon helping me achieve transformational change for the better. Henrietta has a strong energy , her magical massage and radiance help to create enthusiasm for change in me. Henrietta is helping me investigate and maintain processes to calm my mind, enjoy my body and be more spiritually alive.”
~ Paul Ellison, Sydney
“Henrietta has such a special energy that creates the most powerful environment for change to occur. Working with Henrietta was powerful and insightful every single time. She held me in my space while I needed and helped me create clarity and direction. She is fun and full of positive and blissful energy, a beautiful soul that will guide you and work with you every step of the way! Thank you Henrietta!”
~ Gaby Gogarty, Gold Coast
“I was very lucky to experience Coaching with Henrietta and am so grateful for this experience! I felt truly heard, understood, supported, and Henrietta held that very special space for me with gentleness, kindness and strength. A great transformative experience which I highly recommend. Thank you Hen.”
~ Melina Faye, Paris
“What a journey It has been and how incredible it is to see and feel ourselves go through so many transitions in life by letting go and embracing who we are and where we are heading, with what we truly feel from within by trusting ourselves. Life is an amazing experience, we are continuously learning, growing and evolving. And what allows us to do this is by stepping out of our limiting boundaries that we can sometimes create, removing fear and giving ourselves permission to pursue what our heart desires. I have opened my heart and mind to so much and that is truly thanks to one incredible human being who has facilitated me through every step. Someone who can feel ones energy and someone whom I trusted through this journey. Henrietta is a truly skilled, talented professional who taps into our hearts and has the ability to guide us to incredible potential on so many levels. For me personally it has been the biggest transformation by stepping into the true me. I learned to think just a little less and feel a lot more. It all came with time when I was ready for it and guided by Henrietta I was able to learn to let go, slow down and release (mentally and emotionally). Most of all I was creating space to allow something new to come in. Our lives are filled with so much beauty that is all around us everyday. Henrietta thank you for facilitating me to find my diamond heart. Reaching my potential that aligns with who I am !! Allowing my high energy and passion for life to flow.”
~ Hana Tolhoek, Montreal

"I am so grateful and honored that you were one of my Sydney Desire Map Hostesses. You created a magical, beautiful, transformative experience and I'm so grateful beyond words. Sending continual love your way!"

~L'Erin Alta, Seattle 

"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for sharing your meditations today. They were truly amazing. I don't think I've ever felt such strong meditations before. Thank you again, your energy is amazing and I have truly valued the knowledge you have shared over this year via your videos and posts. I wouldn't even know where to begin explaining how much its been an anchor point in my very chaotic world and the moment."

~ Lucy Mendelssohn, Sydney